Looking to improve cultural competency across your organization? We can help.

What can we do?

Looking to expand your team's knowledge and understanding of the transgender community? Bloom offers cultural competency training tailored to your organization's needs.

Tailored to Your Community or Organization

Training topics are customized for the specific needs and tailored to the knowledge level of the people in your organization.

Organizational Competence Audit

Not sure how to make your organization more trans-affirming

We can do a holistic assessment of your organization to see where changes can be made in policies, processes, and physical spaces to make it more welcoming to transgender individuals.

Training Topics

Our curriculum covers topics including but not limited to:

Transgender 101

An introduction to the history, terminology, politics, and social realities of the transgender experience.


For therapists, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals.


For students, teachers, and others working in an educational setting.


"PREP Alameda had the pleasure of experiencing a training by the Bloom: Transgender Community Healing Project in December 2016. The training, offered by Zami, was potent, funny, effective, broad and yet detailed. Zami was highly competent in engaging staff’s questions, offering case examples, and clarifying the nuanced intersectional use of language in the queer and trans* community.

Zami even provided a brief historical context for the oppression of trans* people throughout the spread of colonization, and the responsibility of mental health services to disrupt discriminatory practices. Some staff had entered not knowing what to expect, but found themselves asking questions they hadn’t even thought to ask. Though Zami’s training was poignant and a fantastic introduction to trans* issues, they reminded us that  it is only a starting point and true training comes from continuous education and critical engagement with the queer community. Thanks Bloom!"

"PREP Alameda was fortunate to host a training presented by Zami Hyemingway from the Bloom Transgender Community Healing Project.  Zami's open and genuine manner quickly put staff at ease and allowed us to engage in a dialogue regarding how we might improve services for the LGBTQ2S and Transgender communities as well as helping us identify and examine personal and professional biases.  Zamiis enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable, and has a way of making his audience feel that all questions are welcome. We look forward to more  training from the Bloom Project!"

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